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Ubuntu Desktop

We support native integration with Ubuntu Desktop. Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions of Linux, provided by Canonical.

In Camphor Networks Platform, you can instantiate an entire Ubuntu Desktop easily just by adding it as an application. Entire desktop shall run as a micro service with a container. You can access the GUI directly in the browser using noVNC. If you prefer, you can also access it directly using Remote Desktop Client (RDP).

Once authenticated and logged inside the Ubuntu Desktop, a variety of applications can be run seamlessly. Please note that this desktop shall run in the same namespace as all other project resources. Hence you will have direct access to all other resources of your project.

Many useful applications will be already installed and ready for usage. Some of the most popular ones are wireshark, iperf, tcpdump, traceroute, ping, etc.

If you are bored or need a change, you can also play some cool games such as Chess and refresh your mind!