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Data Plane Performance

Inside VMs connected by camphor networks platform SDN based connections, using iperf, 2.50 Gbits/sec bandwidth was observed with TCP traffic. Ping roundtrips took 1.6ms on average (rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 1.274/1.586/2.421/0.422 ms). This was tested with full 9216 JumboFrame configured on the interface.

This shows that though camphor networks platform has some performance overhead, it can provide seamless data networking connectivity between ethernet interfaces, for small and large MTUs alike. This is especially useful for testing and training environments, where maximum data plane performance is not necessarily a priority.

To compare, in the same environment, bandwidth between two kubernetes pods directly over the weave CNI peaked at 4.10 Gbits/sec. VMs do introduce performance overhead as seen in these measurements.

When tested in the host servers directly, around 9.10 Gbits/sec bandwidth was attained where in there is no overhead in terms of SDN layering.