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Using modern web tools, we provide a niche platform to troubleshoot issues at ease while dealing with simple as well as complex network topologies.

Please refer to the “Training” section above to see the capabilities added using Jupyter Notebooks. In the Camphor Networks Platform, further capabilities have been added to make troubleshooting – the most important aspect of any network management platform a lot easier and also highly efficient.

We have native integration with a complete Ubuntu VNC application. What this means is that, directly using the browser (or using a remote desktop client if you so prefer), you can get access into a Ubuntu GUI desktop which runs in the same namespace as reset of the elements of your project. From the desktop, many useful applications are readily employed such as wireshark, iperf, traceroute, etc.

We also provide direct terminal access to managed devices. These terminals can be either invoked in the browser or via direct ssh connection. We also enable users with direct console access to all instantiated devices. All these pieces work seamlessly with a click of just a few buttons making troubleshooting networks a lot easier and most importantly, a lot more affable!

We also integrate with Jenkins and other automation tools to make networking operations as easy as possible.