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Emulate Data Networks with Ease at Scale!

Create Digital Twin of Data Networks in Minutes!

Using Multi-Vendors’ Routers & Switches based Networks Simulation

Build VMs/VNFs/Containers based Virtual & Hybrid Networks
With Integrated Control, Data and Management Plane
Inside On-Premise and Public Clouds
For State-Of-The-Art Testing, Training and Management

Camphor Networks

NEST – Network Expand Share Triumph!

Data Networks is a complex operational environment. Multiple routing and switching entities need to seamlessly communicate with one another in order to efficiently route data from one point to another. What better way is there to understand, train, test and manage such entities than by literally building them as you wish, inside your own cozy workspace!

Using Camphor Networks Platform, you can easily instantiate various network elements such as Virtual Machines, Containers and applications, literally with the click of a few buttons!

You can then interconnect their interfaces as you wish and perform various activities over them. Not only that, using very minimal steps, you can stitch one more more physical routers as well, directly into the constructed networks, so you can use a hybrid approach to get the best of both the physical and the virtual environments!

Test and Validate Network Configuration and Functionality Easily!

Using Camphor Networks Platform, highly complex and laborious network testing can be conducted in a very easy and cozy way.

With native support for multi-vendor products, you can test your network thoroughly before deploying in production. With combined control plane, data plane and management plane simulated very close to physical world, you can thoroughly test your network for all aspects.

By integrating with your CI/CD model, full benefit of network testing and automation can be effectively realized in reality!

Conduct Training and Education Innovatively

Use the platform’s amazing capability to emulate real multi-vendor based data networks and train on real routers with real data.

Whether you want to build Layer 2 Networks or Layer 3 Networks; Whether you want to build modern data centers or traditional ones, Camphor Networks Platform can be your best buddy!

Use the amazing Jupyter Notebooks natively integrated with the platform to build highly innovative live network documents and easily share across the team for better collaboration!

Build Data Networks easily at scale in minutes! for Testing, Training, Analytics, Support, you name it!

Create & Mange Virtual Routers & SwitchesWith Multiple Vendors’ Products
For Many Use Cases
ContainersAny KVM (QCOW2) x86 based VNF ImageAutomation
Virtual Machines (VMs)Arista Networks – vEOSConfiguration Validation
External Devices (Mix Physical Devices)Cisco – NXOSv, IOSXRv, IOS-XEContinuous Integration (CI)
Recycled VMsCumulus Networks – FRRDesign & Development
Layer 2 (virtual) connections with
Jumbo Frames (9000+ MTU)
Juniper Networks – vMX, vQFX, vRR, vSRX, vOlive, cRPDPerformance Profiling
YAML, GUI, API & CLI based Seamless DeploymentsLinux – Ubuntu, CentOS, Alpine, etc.Testing
– Unit & Integration
– Feature/Solutions & Scale
Console/TelnetMicrosoft – Windows*Training
Management/SSHOpen Networking – vSonicSales (Demos)
Readily Programmable!Pica8 – PICOSvSupport
SNMP & NetConfVMWare ESXi & VCenterZTP

Run Multi Vendors’ VNFS/VMs/Containers Seamlessly!

Run Virtual Network Forwarders (aka VNFs) supported by various vendors easily at extreme scale! You do not worry have to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Thanks to seamless horizontal scalability, underlying infrastructure can be linearly scaled as desired, in order to achieve the desired operational capabilities!

You can easily customize the VNFs for your need with regards to CPUs, Memory and Disk space and run them efficiently in a highly optimized environment!

Highly Scalable and Distributed Kubernetes based Architecture

Work using the multi-tenant model productively

Camphor Networks Platform is built using a hierarchical scalable model. The platform can be installed on-premise and across popular public clouds. Further, it is based on the Kubernetes infrastructure

Once setup, using multi-tenancy, multiple user accounts can be easily setup. Each user can then create multiple projects. Within each project, a separate and isolated data network can be easily simulated without conflicting with other networks.

This model enables easy sharing of the projects across the users within and even across different clusters themselves!

Analyze Syslogs and Metrics Efficiently

With ready integration with complete ELK Stack, analyzing syslog messages has never been made easier.

With a complete Prometheus and Grafana based metrics management, Time Series of required data can be easily performed with the Camphor Networks Platform.

Further, you can profile Kernels and Processes using the really cool FlameGraphs!

Perform Large Scale Testing Seamlessly

With ability to run multiple projects in parallel with ease at scale, you can perform large scale functionality and some performance testing too easily.

By optimally reusing VNFs, across different tests, you can speed up your testing too, by a great order of magnitude. Take a look at this test report which illustrates this with real numbers.

Troubleshoot Networks Efficiently

There is no good use from a data networking platform if it does not assist you with troubleshooting.

Camphor Network Platform natively provides many hooks and tools to help you troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.

e.g. You can readily sniff packets on any interface easily literally using click of a few buttons to get live streaming of packets flowing via Wireshark!

Further, you can profile Kernels and Processes using the really cool FlameGraphs!

Bringup your desired network topologies seamlessly in various environments of your choice!

Program the Distributed Camphor Platform easilyLoad Various Standard Network Topologies readilyHost on various Operating Environments
CLICLOS Based Data CentersAmazon aws
GUIEVPNEquinix Packet
Profiling using Flame Graphs and ValgrindL3CLOSGoogle Compute (gcp)
Python3 SDKL3VPNMicrosoft Azure
RingOracle Cloud

Create Standard Network Topologies Readily!

Just using a few clicks, create large network topologies with myriad of interconnected links among different network elements.

In fact, you can crate multiple network topologies at the same, using multiple projects.

Each project will be run in its own network namespace in the underlying infrastructure so you never have to worry about conflicts with names, IP addresses, port numbers, etc.

For each VNF running in each project,, management (ssh) and console access shall be provided in addition to direct such access within the browser itself ensuring maximum ease of use when navigating within the platform

Run Third Party Applications Easily!

Whether you are looking for help in management or analytics or testing, there are many really cool open sourced based applications already out there, ready at service. But there is only one problem. How to actually use it in the first place!

In Camphor Networks Platform, you can instantiate multiple different applications, literally using a click or two! Since those applications are launched in the same network namespace as the rest of the elements of the project, you can readily easily avail their services.

Some of the highlights, especially for data networking include OpenNMS, Suzieq, Jupyter Notebooks, etc.

Integrate easily with various third-party open-source based applications!

DatadogOpenBMPDrawIOBGP TesterElgg
GrafanaOpenProject (Jira)WordPressJupyter NoteboksK8 Argo
KibanaSuzieq Network ExplorerTestLinkK8 Dashboard
rStudioUbuntu DesktopVSCode

Deploy On-Premise and/or in Public Clouds Flawlessly!

Whether you want host platform on-premise or inside public clouds, camphor networks platform can fir itself as you wish!

Platform can be easily installed and get going in as little as 20 minutes in different public cloud as well, such as aws, Azure, Equinix, GCP, etc.

In fact, if you have a need to run over multiple clouds at the same time, yes you indeed can! Using seamless SDN provided by camphor networks, you can chose to even span the platform across on-premise and multiple different cloud providers in various regions as applicable, across the world!

Don’t worry! All traffic exchanged is always fully encrypted, in order to ensure maximum data security.

Relish Working on the Platform, in Multiple Ways!

You may be a very lazy (but productive) person who likes to use GUI. Or you may let your hands talk and always prefer CLI/YAML. Or may be you are indeed a coder and always write in language that computers understand. We got you covered.

You can use various services provided by the platform using any and all such ways! We provide modern browser based GUI, seamless CLI with auto-completion on ‘?’ and a Python3 SDK, to program the platform readily in Ruby/Python!

Don’t have an IDE? Not to worry. Avail the readily integrated VSCode right inside the platform and start automating your network testing and management immediately.