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As the adage goes “A Picture is worth a thousand words”, a nice and interactive diagram is extremely useful to manage any scientific problem, leave alone in networking.

Especially in networking areas, a topology rendering pictures are very useful, especially when the network is large and complex with many inter connections across different elements.

In the Camphor Networks Platform, a topology is automatically generated using Grafphviz software. In addition, the generated topology is rendered as reactive with several portions hyperlinked. One can click on device or connection areas to directly open corresponding URLs in the browser. This is extremely useful when working with complex network topologies.

Further, in order to enable users to build their own network topologies, either by importing or by constructing natively, a direct and seamless integration is provided with the awesome drawio application. This drawio works seamlessly with the native gitlab software that manages configuration with version control.

This brings significant infrastructure to conduct what we call “Collective Innovation” at grass roots. Users can build really innovative and reality reflecting networking topologies. Not only that, such diagrams can be made dynamic with hyper-links to other parts of the project, as they all run within the project namespace in Kubernetes.