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Solution Offered By Camphor Networks Platform!

When designing new data networks as well as managing existing networks, users deal with continuous challenges in order to ensure smooth operations. While vendors face challenges in designing and delivering new products and features quickly while maintaining best quality, users face enormous challenges while deploying, upgrading and managing (Testing + Training).

Camphor Networks provides a distributed platform to create small and large scale data networks alike, with ease at scale. Such networks can encompass multiple [Virtual] Routers, [Virtual] Switches and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that belong to different vendors such as Arista, Cisco, Juniper, etc. You can do this literally with the click of a few buttons, or via CLI or via API!

To quote a real example, please have a look at this Data Center Topology made of multiple pods, racks, leafs, spines and super-spines. Using Camphor Networks Platform, a Data Center like this can be entirely instantiated virtually along with all necessary network connections readily within 30 minutes or so. Switches can belong to different Vendors’ such as Arista(vEOS), Cisco(NXOSv, IOSXRv IOS-XE), Juniper(vQFX), Cumulus/FRR, PICOSv, etc. Network connections can be a few tens to several thousands.

Once such networks are instantiated, they can be used for testing, training and trouble-shooting across the board. Whether it is a sales team trying to showcase a new feature, or a development team designing a new product, or a test team validating existing features – All can employ this platform seamlessly to realize extraordinary benefits.

By providing native capabilities to integrate with physical networks, camphor network platform provides a new paradigm to the very essence of Data Networks development, validation and testing. Instead of wasting hours to set up complex network topologies, use Camphor Networks Platform to do the same with in minutes.

Having the native ability to scale horizontally, the platform is designed to be highly elastic to meet the needs of different teams based on their needs. Whether you want to use dedicated on-premise resources or borrow instead from public clouds elastically, Camphor Networks Platform leads you the way forward.

Using the platform, testing cycles can be leapfrogged and quality of the delivered networking products and features can be made second to none, while keeping the necessary infrastructure cost to a bare minimum. To quote a real example, please refer to this test report with actual numbers to see how Camphor Networks Platform brought down tests execution time from 7 days to barely an hour and half!

Platform’s Vision is to provide the users, smooth and cozy NESTs of their own, in a highly distributed scalable manner!

N – Network Routers & Switches
   E –
Expand Via Niche Applications
  S –
Share with Easy Collaboration
  T –
Triumph Availing the Platform

By enabling users to easily share and collaborate their work easily with efficiency, and most importantly with lots of fun and enjoyment, we provide a path towards greater success enabling collective innovation across the board. Our entire architecture has been succinctly depicted in this picture! By natively extending the ever cool Kubernetes, we intend to bring the best of K8 environment directly to not just DevOps, but also to NetOps


Please refer to the overview of the platform to read about platform’s capabilities to bring in new revenue and expand existing revenue, specifically from selling VNFs licenses in large volumes.

If you want further information or want to start engaging with the Camphor Networks Platform, please do contact us. We will be more than happy to showcase our solution with a live setup running at massive scale, across public clouds!