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We provide extensive abilities to conduct manual and automated testing over a network topology. Since in Camphor Networks Platform, actual VNF devices instantiated, using software provided directly  by the vendor, very close to real world scenarios can be triggered, tested and verified in an effective and scalable manner.

In today’s world, especially in the Data Center and in the Service Provider network, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is widely used to exchange routing information. This is applicable for different routing information such as IPv4 routes, IPv6 routes, MAC routes, VPN routes, etc.

Specifically to test Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), native integration with simulated BGP sessions and route injections are supported. Contrail BGP is used to simulate BGP peering sessions and to inject BGP updates as desired.In the Camphor Networks platform, test applications such as TestLink can also be directly created as an application within a project. This can be used to manage test cases against the project within the platform as desired.