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One of the key aspects of any technology is to be able to train inexperienced and enable them to become proficient in the field. Camphor Networks provides an excellent platform to do exactly this in a highly interactive, energetic and scalable fashion.

Let us first briefly introduce Jupyter Notebooks. It is a truly amazing software application that lets its users write highly interactive python/ruby code. Not only that, it lets users also write markup, tables, charts, etc.

In the Camphor Networks platform, native integration with Jupyter Notebooks is readily available. For each device created, a Jupyter Notebook is automatically created. In this notebook, several other features useful to manage networks have been added. E.g. One can directly execute CLI commands against any device in the project. Output obtained can be directly rendered in HTML within the notebook. Also, one can embed audio and video snippets.

Extrapolate the power of this across many users. Platform now is an excellent choice to build, expand and share training material. One can create beautiful and informative notebooks with live data gleaned from networks. This can be easily shared (import and export) to gain wider usage.

Overtime, by building a rich catalog of projects and there by jupyter notebooks as well, Camphor Networks Platform can indeed become the training platform for all users, both experienced and inexperienced.