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Using Prometheus based time series data base (TSDB) and front-end GUI rendering using Grafana, we provide highly scalable telemetry capabilities.

Unlike other analytics providers in the market, in Camphor Networks Platform, one can create applicable network topology, generate (almost) real world data and then perform networking analytics in line, all at one place. While not every applicable networking environment and scenarios are possible to build in a virtualized environment, most are.

By letting our users inject real world scenarios, we intend to generate, glean and provide a common platform to conduct analytics.

We also provide seamless integration with the popular RStudio. Using the click of a few buttons, you can easily bring an instance of RStudio directly into the project. Since this runs in the same namespace as all other project resources in the Kubernetes based Camphor Networks Platform, you can easily glean data of associated resources and import them into RStudio.

Another exciting analytics and management component is Jupyter Notebooks. They are natively integrated and one notebook per device is automatically generated and supported. You can run Python Code or direct CLI commands in those notebooks directly against the devices of your project. Does one thing obvious come to mind ? Yes, indeed. It is Automation! Using Camphor Networks Platform, network automation not only becomes easier, but it is also that much more fun and exciting, truly, from the grounds up.