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DataDog Integration

In Camphor Networks Platform, users can avail Data Analytics directly from DataDog seamlessly without the need to install or configure any thing extra. During device configuration, if “monitor” checkbox is set, then device is automatically registered with DataDog agent and analytics information such as SNMP is sent to datadog site.

Here is an example L3VPN topology with a bunch of Juniper Routers running (MX and Olive Platforms). (Note: cRPD does not support SNMP yet). You can see multiple routers registered and shown as “OK” under datadog website.

Network Devices UP in DataDog

In particular, interfaces statistics as gleaned from device PE1 (Juniper’s vMX) is shown here.

Juniper’s vMX Device Interface Statistics gleaned off SNMP

In addition to SNMP, syslogs are also seamlessly integrated to streamed off logstash directly to datadog website.

Syslog pushed from devices to datadog (via logstash)

These devices can be easily configured in camphor networks platform and tied with DataDog analytics infrastructure, literally with the click of a checkbox!

Devices as seen under Camphor Networks Platform

Under applications, DataDog is one of the natively integrated one in Camphor Networks Platform. Users can simply create the datadog-agent application and provide API/License key. This is encrypted, saved and fed automatically to datadog-agent to push syslogs, SNMP and custom metrics as applicable.

DataDog application is natively integrated into Camphor Networks Platform Applications

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