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About Us

Ananth Suryanarayana

Founder & CEO

I have never been more excited in my multi decades long career in data networking than when a ping passes successfully through myriad of switches and routers. Building and playing with computer data networks has always been my passion, whether work involved is in control plane or in data plane. But I always found that infrastructure available to build, learn and improvise networks is very challenging, quite limited and hard to work with.

I founded Camphor Networks in May 2021 to solve this problem. I want to build a platform on which users can build arbitrary networks with ease and at scale. Using modern micro-service based, horizontally scalable and elastic architecture, I want to build a distributed platform that is usable across the board. Whether one wishes to use it in a personal computer, on-premise or in public-cloud, they should get a similar easy and cozy environment.

I have worked on data networking software development for more than two decades, in several startups as well as established enterprises. I have been granted several patents, especially in the area of Software Defined Networking. I have authored and reviewed IETF drafts & RFCs (6608, 7606, etc.), given presentations on Software Defined Networking (SDN) in technology summits and actively participated and contributed towards Open Source software development. You can find out further information about my professional background, at linkedin.